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Model 6200 Semi-Automatic Octagonal Box Former

•AB SLC 500 controller standard
•Electromechanical and Pneumatic operating devices (no hydraulics)                                                                  
•Heavy duty structural and tubular steel construction
•180° Box Flipper flips box out the end of Box Former
•Fixed shoe size for one size box
•Octagonal shaped forming shoe powered by a 8”
diameter air cylinder and guided by linear bearings
•Quad electrical control stations with E-stop
•¾” filter/regulator with lockable block and bleed valve
•½ HP drive motor for Box Flipper
•Easily portable using a fork truck
•May be integrated into a bulk filling system
•Highest quality components utilized throughout

Technical Data

Electrical Service 15 amps, 115/1/60
Air requirements: 10 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI, 65 SCFM
Approximate shipping weight 2,500 pounds
Maximum box size: 50” x 47” x 44” high O.D.
Unit is capable of producing up to 60 boxes per hour, depending on operator dexterity

Optional Equipment

Totally Automatic Box Erector
Automatic Box Stapler to staple box to pallet
Automatic Pallet Magazine
Bottom Flap Folders
Adjustable Forming Shoes

Sequence of Operation

Operator places empty box diagonally into Box Former, bottom up.

Operator actuates and holds extend lever to open box.

Once ram is fully extended operator folds down and locks bottom flaps.

Operator presses box flip pushbutton.

Operator actuates and holds retract lever to open ram.

Once ram is partially retracted the Box Flipper flips the box out of the Box Former.

Box Flipper returns to home position automatically.

Operator Repeats cycle.

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