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Model 1800A Fully Automatic Bag/Case Palletizer

•AB programmable controller standard
•AB Panelview HMI
•Electromechanical and Pneumatic operating devices
(no hydraulics)
•Heavy duty structural and tubular steel construction
•Heavy duty wire mesh Empty Pallet Conveyor
•Counterweighted pallet lift with “Z” chain support
•Layer compression on each layer for maximum load stability
•Layer squaring and compacting plates contain all 4 sides of layer during layer strip cycle
•Layout flexibility-system designed to your space requirements
•Multiple bag/case pattern capability
•Low and easy maintenance
•Minimum layer drop from stripper plates to pallet (1” standard)
•Palletizer flexibility pallet size, pallet construction, load heights, etc.
•Bag/Case Turn Conveyor with pneumatic cylinder assist
•Split, two directional layer stripping action
•Highest quality components utilized throughout

Technical Data

Air requirements: 10 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI, 65 SCFM
Approximate shipping weight 18,000 pounds
Electrical Service 30 amps, 460/3/60
Maximum layer size: 54” x 48”
Maximum pallet size: 54” x 48”
Maximum sustained rate: up to 30 bags per minute in a 5 bag pattern
Maximum load height: up to 100” including pallet
Maximum load weight: 5,000 pounds
Standard Pallet Magazine capacity: 20

Optional Equipment

Auxiliary Layer Pusher for 4-bag pinwheel pattern
Servo Bag/Case Pop-Up Turning Device
Automatic Slip Sheet Dispenser
Automatic Film Top Sheet Dispenser
Cardboard Top Sheet Dispenser
Automatic Tiesheet Dispenser

Sequence of Operation

Bags/Cases enter Palletizer properly spaced from bag pacing conveyor.

Bag/Case Turn Conveyor rotates bags/cases as required for each pattern.

One-half of each layer pattern is formed on the indexing belt of the Layer Forming Conveyor and gently advanced to the Layer Forming Conveyor shelf.

As first half layer is being transferred, the remainder of layer is formed on the indexing belt of the Layer Forming Conveyor.

The second half layer is gently advanced to join the bags/cases on the shelf and advanced to it's final position on stripper plates by the overhead layer pusher.

Layer squaring plates extend from each side to contain the layer on all sides during the layer stripping cycle, insuring square, definable edges on all sides of the palletized unit.

Each layer is compressed against the underside of the stripper plates as the next layer is being formed for a firm, stable load.

When pre-set number of layers is reached, the filled pallet is gently lowered and ejected from the Palletizer onto the Full Pallet Accumulation Conveyor.

Simultaneously, an empty pallet is dispensed from the pallet magazine, and conveyed into the pallet lift and raised to accept the first layer of bags.

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