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Belt and Wire Mesh Conveyors


•Heavy duty structural steel construction
•1 HP drive motors standard
•All conveyors use 2 ½” diameter rollers
•Belt conveyors available with sliptop ‘v’ groove, rough top, friction surface, steep grade, food grade, or any custom requirements
•Belt conveyors use 6” diameter pulleys standard
•Wire mesh conveyors use 6” diameter heavy duty sprockets
•Belt adjustment by end or center take-ups
•Highest quality components utilized throughout
•Adjustable legs to raise or lower conveyor if required
•Includes all necessary electrical controls and components

Optional Equipment

Variable frequency drives
AB soft start controls

Additional Conveyors

Air table conveyors
V-trough conveyors
Bag rollover conveyors
Bag kicker conveyors
Bag knockdown turn conveyors
Reject conveyors
Checkweigh conveyors
Metal detector conveyors
Print head conveyors
Full Pallet double stacker conveyors
Custom conveyors to meet your requirements                   

Company Information
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